Dermal Fillers

Silhouette Soft Explained

Thread lifts are a non surgical option to treat mild to moderate laxity in the face and or neck. Threads may also be used to lift the eyebrows.

At Dermadoc Ireland we use the FDA approved premium range of threads called Silhouette Soft.

The threads consist of miniature cones (anchors) on a resorbable suture.

As the threads dissolves over time (up to 3 months), collagen production is stimulated to replace the threads giving a long lasting and natural result up to 18 months.

Treatment summary

No. of treatments


Recovery time

1-2 hours
(Lips 24 hours)

Final results

Up to 2 weeks

Procedure time

30-60 mins


Numbing cream (if required)
Dental blocks (lips)

Duration of results

6-12 months

Discomfort level


Follow- up

2 weeks post procedure


From €300.00

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