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Beautiful woman after Viscoderm Hydrobooster treatment

Viscoderm Hydrobooster

Viscoderm Hydrobooster is an injectable hyaluronic acid injected into the skin at different levels the treatment causes deep skin hydration due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid as compared to other “skin boosters”.

The elasticity of the product also makes it ideal for dermal strengthening and stretching out very fine wrinkles. It is very effective for the dynamic areas of the face, around the eyes, mouth and forehead. It is also very useful for lifting out acne scars.

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Deep Hydration

  • Improving elasticity, radiance and smoothness of the skin
  • Biorestructuring activity prolonged over time and safety guaranteed by the specific formula

Superficial Stretching

  • Stretching superficial wrinkles for those with moderate to advanced signs of ageing (Glogau Scale Type 2 & 3)
  • Particularly indicated for the dynamic areas of the face (perioral, periocular, forehead)

Viscoderm Hydrobooster

Treatment Summary

Treatment Type


No. of Treatments

2 – 3

Recovery Time

Several days

Final Results

8 weeks

Procedure Time

30 – 45 minutes


Numbing cream

Duration of Results

6 months

Discomfort Level


Viscoderm Hydrobooster Cost
Consultation required

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