Dermal Fillers

What Dermal Fillers are used?

Dr.Martin Small chooses to use the Aliaxin and Ellansé range

The keys to success and safety with fillers is expert assessment of the face and knowing where to place them, as well as injector skill.

Aliaxin is an Italian range of fillers made from Hyaluronic Acid by IBSA, which is naturally occurring in skin, joint fluid and the eye. Aliaxin is extremely smooth and integrates very well in the facial tissues for a soft natural look and a very low complication rate. Unlike other fillers IBSA make their own hyaluronic acid, which is of sufficiently high quality to be used medically in joints and the eyes. In other words Aliaxin is one of the purest, highest quality fillers available.

Ellansé  is a collagen stimulator. It is comprised of microspheres of polycaprolactone suspended in a carrier gel. Polycaprolactone has been around for many years in medicine as an absorbable suture material and is regarded as safe by the FDA. Ellansé is an excellent volume restorer and is broken down by the body into harmless carbon dioxide and water which are totally excreted.

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